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  1. Search books

    hello, A nice option is to add search button for the titles of the books that we have add! ๐Ÿ˜Š



  2. Export to Anki as an .apkg file as an additional convenience

    Advantages: We immediately receive a finished deck, ready to transfer to other devices, send to someone or put in the repository. There is no need to first send the data to Anki, then export it to .apkg and then have a transportable file. Many users use SmartBook on a tablet, and Anki on a smartphone because using SmartBook on a phone is not convenient, the screen is too small, but for learning and memorizing a phone is more convenient, since itโ€™s always at hand (and the vertical screen format is more suitable). This means that not everyone has Anki on their tablet and SmartBook on their phone. This process does not present any inconveniences (SmartBook -> .apkg -> Anki) since Anki users are more advanced and export to Anki does not happen often (as soon as new words accumulated in the dictionary). Anki has an effective mechanism for processing duplicates and cards moving from deck to deck, so users can handle it by themselves. In .apkg you can put anything you want, icons, any other media, etc.

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  3. Make Smart Book work for Japanese (and other spaceless languages)!

    Currently, Smart Book isnโ€™t optimal for any language that lacks spaces. The problem is, without spaces the pop-up dictionary has no way to tell where words begin and end. There are tons of great tools out now for parsing these languagesโ€”but they would need to be implemented. Iโ€™ll discuss Japanese since thatโ€™s the language I know more about, but Iโ€™m happy for anyone who knows more about another spaceless language to chime in. Japanese is made of kanji (elaborate symbols that look like this, borrowed from Chinese: ่’œ่‚ฅ็•™) which are used for nouns and verbs, but we donโ€™t know how they sound by looking at them. Theyโ€™re read depending on what word they appear in. In addition to kanji, Japanese has two different syllabaries that look like this ใฒใ„ใ‚ˆ and this ใ‚ฑใƒ ใƒฉ which are used for foreign loan words, for conjugations of verbs, as particles to mark grammatical functions, and more. These donโ€™t represent ideas like kanji do, they represent sounds: usually a pairing of one consonant with one vowel sound. So ใฒ is the sound or syllable โ€œheeโ€ and ใฎ is โ€œno.โ€ ใฎ can be a particle indicating possession, so if ็ง means me and ๆœฌ means book, ็งใฎๆœฌ is โ€œmy book.โ€ But at the end of a sentence it only adds an emotional tone to the sentence. And it can appear in words spelled fully in hiragana as well. Without a parser, the dictionary has no clue if it is or isnโ€™t part of a word, conjugation, etc. If it appears in a word, the pop-up dictionary will treat it as if it were by itself and say it indicates possession. The dictionary isnโ€™t so bad with kanji. So I suspect it might not be so bad for Chinese, where everything consist of hanzi and only hanzi. Iโ€™d love for a Chinese reader to chime in on this. But itโ€™s almost useless with the hiragana (ใฒใ„ใ‚ˆ) and katakana (ใ‚ฑใƒ ใƒฉ), and this makes it impossible to meaningfully parse sentences in Japanese. You canโ€™t learn conjugations on the fly by reading Japanese like you can with Spanish, for example, because you canโ€™t tell where the conjugation actually begins or ends. This is not a problem for an advanced reader of Japanese, but itโ€™s an impossible hurdle for the beginner. Japanese readers mostly rely on other tools to read, but there isnโ€™t any one particular reader that dominates, and I believe Smart Book could take over the market without much effort. If Kurs is interested in promoting Smart Book to Japanese learners, I would especially recommend talking to the owner of JPBD, another one man passion project and possibly the best single resource for Japanese. JPBD is an online dictionary that shows word frequency information and allows the user to create flashcard decks directly from the dictionary entry page. If Smart Book were to be implemented together with JPBD, this could make it the most powerful tool for reading in Japanese by far.

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  4. Fix problem chinese/japanese translate last character of row

    Currently in chinese/japanese you cant select to translate the last character of a row. Instead you need to select the first one of the next row. Thanks

    Anonymous Bichir


  5. Extend context for ChatGPT

    When I translate a sentence using ChatGPT, it can be seen that it does not have access to earlier or later sentences. Modification of the prompt in such a way that it has access to the context of the sentence in which it appears could improve the translations by light years.

    Sล‚awomir O


  6. When you learn 2 languages

    When you learn two languages. For example, you read a book in Russian. You translate it into English. When from the translation into English you emphasize the word learned. And now you want to translate the same book into Turkish. Those English words come out as learned. When you read it, it comes out as learned. Even though you choose to translate it in another language. There was an idea if it would be possible to express words in this language. And then import already selected learned in the application that wants to learn.

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  7. Mobi files

    Add support of the mobi books format

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  8. Book title in the system prompt

    I think automatically adding the book title to the prompt would significantly improve the quality of the translation in places where the AI lacks context.

    Ilyas D
    #Improvement ๐Ÿ‘


  9. Sync books between devices

    Sync books between devices of a single account

    #Improvement ๐Ÿ‘


  10. Sync dictionaries between devices

    Sync saved words between devices of a single account

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  11. Audio player

    Function: -pause -back -forward -repeat original text significantly improves narrator, making use more comfortable, useful and enjoyable

    Svitlana M


  12. Bookmarks, Highlights, etc

    I'd like to save some phrases or paragraphs to re-read in the future, further investigate about it, etc. This is a basic feature that almost every other book reading app has and I think I'd benefit greatly its overall user experience

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  13. TTS : Pause/Resume button behaviror

    I really miss the "real" pause/resume button when using TTS, the current play/pause button simply read the whole current paragraph again (which is long) while I just want it read from some specific point in that paragraph. I suggest to create a button in translation panel which do "read from this word". So that, If use want TTS start reading from any point in paragraph, just touch that word to open translation panel, then click "read from this word" button (the translation panel should be closed after that).

    #Improvement ๐Ÿ‘#Suggestion ๐Ÿ“


  14. Shelves or folders of the books. Possibility to mark - the book have been read.

    I would like to have a shelf of the books, that had been read. Sometimes need to mark the book - had been read. It would be wonderful if i could create my shelves... or folders... i'd like to have min 3 shelves - Reading now + Have read + Will read soon

    Tureac E


  15. Ability to save and share themes

    When I add a new fonts for both my native language and the language I want to learn ... change background and text colors ... i wish I can save these as a unique theme... adding a name to it and if it's for day or night ... then make it active ... this way i can add different themes and use any of them easily without having to change the colors, fonts, separately each time i want to try something new and I can't go back to how it was before easily also it would be very very nice to share themes with my friends via a link and if you made a page in your website for people to share there's, gathering spot where we can all swap cool designs, get inspired, and make our reading experiences even more enjoyable! Thanks!

    Anonymous Marmot
    #Improvement ๐Ÿ‘#Feature ๐Ÿ› #Wish ๐Ÿ™